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Tesla Model S: HomeLink Universal Transceiver


 About HomeLink

f your vehicle is equipped with the HomeLink Universal Transceiver, you can operate up to three Radio Frequency (RF) devices, including garage doors, gates, lights, and security systems. NOTE: De

 Programming HomeLink

To program HomeLink: 1. Park Model S so that the front bumper is in front of the device you want to program. CAUTION: Your device might open or close during programming. Therefore, before progr

 Auto Opening and Closing

To operate a HomeLink device without using the touchscreen, you can automate the device to open as you approach, and close as you drive away: 1. Touch the HomeLink icon at the top of the Controls s


 Finisher - Floor - Center Console (Remove and Replace)

Special tool required for this procedure: Supplier Part Number Description Tesla 1065399-00-A Skin Wedge Tool Removal If equipped, remove


RST-320 Tesla part number: 1005706-00-C Description: Model S Coolant Rapidmate Cover Model: Model S Status: Distribution

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