Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Safety

Allow Mobile Access: Allow your Tesla mobile app to access your Model S (see Mobile App).

NOTE: To disable Allow Mobile Access, you must enter your Tesla account credentials.

Parking Brake: Manually apply and release the parking brake (see Parking Brake).

Power Off: Manually power off Model S (see Powering Off).

Sentry Mode: When enabled, cameras and sensors remain powered on and ready to record suspicious activity whenever Model S is locked and in Park. See (Using Sentry Mode).

View Live Camera via Mobile App (if equipped): Enable to see a live video feed of your vehicle's surroundings from the mobile app (see Using Sentry Mode).

Dashcam (if equipped): When enabled, cameras can record and save video footage of the surrounding roadway (see Using Dashcam). Customize Dashcam by selecting:

  • Auto: Dashcam automatically saves a recording to the USB flash drive (if available and installed) in situations where Model S detects a safety event, such as a collision or airbag deployment.
  • Manual: You must touch the Dashcam icon to save a recording of the most recent 10 minutes of driving to the USB flash drive.
  • Off: Dashcam is disabled until you select Auto or Manual.
  • On Honk: When you press the horn, Dashcam saves a recording of the most recent 10 minutes of driving to the USB flash drive.

Delete Dashcam Clips: Deletes all Dashcam and Sentry Mode footage, including recent and saved clips.

Format USB Drive (if equipped): If a USB flash drive is inserted into a front USB port, touch to format the flash drive to allow Model S to save video recordings using Dashcam, Sentry Mode or Track Mode, if equipped (see USB Drive Requirements for Recording Videos).

Park Assist Chimes: If on, a beep sounds when Model S approaches an object while parking (see Park Assist).

Joe Mode: If on, Joe Mode lowers the volume of your vehicle's chimes, except for turn signals.

NOTE: Joe Mode may not be available at delivery.

Security Alarm (if equipped): Enable the security alarm (see Safety & Security Settings).

Tilt/Intrusion: If your vehicle is equipped with the security package, a battery-backed siren sounds in situations where Model S detects motion inside the cabin, or is moved or tilted (for example, with a tow truck or jack). See Tilt/Intrusion (if equipped).

PIN to Drive: Increase security by preventing Model S from being driven until a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) is entered (see PIN to Drive).

Glovebox PIN: For additional security, protect glovebox contents using a 4-digit PIN (see Glovebox PIN).

Cabin Overheat Protection: Reduce the temperature of the cabin in extremely hot ambient conditions for a period of up to twelve hours after you exit Model S (see Cabin Overheat Protection). Cabin Overheat Protection stops operating after 12 hours, or when the energy remaining in the Battery drops to 20%, whichever occurs first.

Active Road Noise Reduction: Specify if and how you want Active Road Noise Reduction to operate (see Active Road Noise Reduction).



    Owner's Manual: View the onscreen Owner's Manual. A new version of the onscreen owner's manual is typically provided with every software update and therefore contains more recent information that t


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     Climate Controls


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     Door Glass - LH - Rear (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove door inner belt glass seal (refer to procedure) Remove adhesive patches (x3) from glass access openings. Remove screws (x2) securing door access panel (torque 4 Nm). Remove access panel. Lower

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