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Tesla Model S: Vehicle Hold feature unavailable

Keep brake pedal pressed while stopped

Vehicle Hold is currently unavailable due to system constraints. When stopping, use the brake pedal to bring your vehicle to a complete stop and keep your vehicle stationary.

Continue to your destination. Your vehicle is OK to drive.

If Vehicle Hold is not available during your next drive, contact Tesla Service. Your vehicle is OK to drive in the meantime.

For more information, see Vehicle Hold.

Assist for low brake performance activated

To stop, keep brake pedal firmly pressed

Hydraulic Fade Compensation is active. This brake assist function activates temporarily to make sure you have full braking capability in conditions where reduced braking performance is detected by your vehicle.

Continue to press the brake pedal as you normally would, and do not "pump" (repeatedly press and release) the pedal as this will interrupt the function.

This alert will clear when your vehicle comes to a stop or you are no longer pressing the brake pedal. It may still be displayed for up to 5 seconds afterward.

When this assist function activates, you may feel the brake pedal pull away from your foot and notice a strong increase in brake pressure. You may also hear a pumping sound coming from the brake hydraulic unit at the front of the vehicle. This will usually last for a few seconds, depending on road surface and vehicle speed. This is completely normal and does not indicate any issue with your vehicle.

Reduced braking performance is usually temporary, and can occur for a number of reasons including high brake temperatures after heavy brake use, or driving in extremely cold or wet conditions. It can also indicate that your brake pads or rotors have worn to the point that normal replacement is needed.

If you continue to experience reduced braking performance which does not improve over time, please contact Tesla service at your convenience for a brake inspection.

For more information, see Hydraulic Fade Compensation.


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