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Tesla Model S: Charging Status

Charging status displays on the instrument panel when the charge port door is open.

Charging Instructions

  1. Time remaining: The estimated time remaining to charge to your set limit.

NOTE: When charging to 100%, the vehicle may continue to charge with low power when charging is displayed as complete. This is expected operation. Because the added energy beyond this point is low, it is usually not beneficial to continue charging.

  1. Charging: The current power of the charger.
  2. Charging rate: The maximum current available from the attached charge cable.
  3. Range gained: Estimated increase in driving distance achieved in the charging session.
  4. Driving distance: Displays the total estimated driving distance or energy percentage (depending on your display setting) available.

NOTE: To change how energy units are displayed, touch Controls > Display > Energy Display.

  1. Charge status: Charge status messages (such as Supercharging, Scheduled Charging) display here.


     During Charging

    During charging, the charge port light pulses green, and the touchscreen displays real-time charging status. The frequency at which the green charge port light pulses slows down as the charge level

     Stopping Charging

    Stop charging at any time by disconnecting the charge cable or touching Stop Charging on the touchscreen. NOTE: To prevent unauthorized unplugging of the charge cable, the charge cable latch remains

     Charge Settings

    Access charge settings by touching Controls > Charging when Model S is in Park. When charging, you can also touch the charge icon on the touchscreen to access charge settings. 1. Driving dista


     Latch - Hood - Primary (RWD) (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove the hood latch cover (refer to procedure). Remove the nuts (x2) that secure the latch assembly to the crossmember (torque 16 Nm). Release the latch assembly from the studs, then lower and disconnect the harness connector. Disconnect the hood release cable

     Driveshaft Assembly - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

    Special tools required for this procedure: Supplier Part Number Description Tesla 1057312-00-A Axle Extractor Warning: If the vehicle has air suspension, activate "Jac

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