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Tesla Model S: Climate Popup

Touch the temperature arrows on the bottom of the touchscreen to display a popup for easy access to some of the most common climate controls:

Climate Controls

NOTE: For one-touch access to seat heaters and defrosters, you can add these controls to My Apps. See Customizing My Apps.

  1. Touch to access the main climate controls screen.
  2. Enable or disable heated or cooling seats.
  3. Enable or disable the front or rear windshield defrosters.
  4. Modify the cabin temperature by dragging along the slider. You can also enable temperature splitting which allows the driver and front passenger to customize their own climate preferences. The front passenger can touch the temperature icon on the bottom of the touchscreen or the main climate controls screen to adjust. Touch Split again to disable climate splitting.

Adjusting the Front and Rear Vents

Model S has a unique horizontal face-level vent that spans the width of the dashboard. It also has vents at the top and bottom of the rear console.

Climate Controls

  1.  Driver vents
  2.  Driver controls
  3.  Passenger controls
  4.  Passenger vents
  5.  Rear vents
  6.  Rear controls

Using the touchscreens, you can pinpoint exactly where you want to direct the air flowing from this vent when heating or cooling the cabin. When the face-level vent is on you can adjust the direction of the air flow from each vent. To adjust the direction of the air flow, touch the radiating air waves from the corresponding vent on the touchscreen. The air flows in a single stream when centered or splits into mirrored air streams when air is directed outward or inward from the center of the vent.

Climate Controls

NOTE: When you split a vent into two separate air flows, the air flow in each direction is not as strong as when all air is flowing in a single direction.

NOTE: Outside air is drawn into Model S through the grill in front of the windshield. Keep the grill clear of obstructions, such as leaves and snow.


     Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp

    The Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp settings allow you to keep the climate control system running when in Park, even after you've left Model S or choose to stay inside the vehicle. These settings ar

     Cabin Air Filter(s)

    Model S has one or more air filters to prevent pollen, industrial fallout, road dust and other particles from entering through the vents. NOTE: Cabin air filter(s) require periodic replacement. See

     Maps and Navigation


     Suspension - Front - Check Torque

    Remove the front wheels (refer to procedure). Check the tightening torque of the following fasteners on both sides of the vehicle: Tie rod end to the knuckle (torque 103 Nm). Caution: To prevent ball joint damage, always hold the ball joint pin with a wrench while looseni

     Receiver Dryer and Desiccant (Remove and Replace)

    Note: The desiccant bag in the receiver dryer is a serviceable item and must be replaced every 2 years, whenever the system is opened to ambient air for an extended time, or when an A/C system leak has been fixed. Note: The dessicant is located in the RH condenser. Removal

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