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Tesla Model S: Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp

The Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp settings allow you to keep the climate control system running when in Park, even after you've left Model S or choose to stay inside the vehicle. These settings are useful when it is important to maintain the cabin temperature in hot or cold weather conditions. For example, when leaving groceries in Model S on hot days, you may want to use Keep Climate On to prevent spoilage.

Dog is designed to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature for your pet while you actively and frequently monitor this temperature using the mobile app (which requires both your phone and the vehicle to have cellular connectivity). When in Dog, the touchscreen displays the current cabin temperature to inform people passing by that your pet is safe. This setting is not intended for people, and should only be used for short periods of time while you stay in close proximity should you need to return to the vehicle in situations where the temperature can no longer be maintained.

Camp allows you to power electronics through the USB ports and low voltage outlet in addition to maintaining the cabin temperature. The touchscreen remains on so you can play music, browse the internet, play games in the arcade, or watch shows in Tesla Theater. You can also control media and climate settings from a paired phone. Camp is ideal for remaining inside your vehicle, such as camping or staying with a child. While active, Sentry Mode and the vehicle alarm system are disabled.

To operate Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp:

1. Make sure the Battery's charge level is at least 20%.

2. Engage Park. The Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp settings are available only when Model S is in Park.

3. If necessary, adjust the climate settings.

4. On the climate controls screen, touch Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp.

NOTE: You can also control Dog and Camp from the mobile app, by swiping up from the gray bar on the Climate screen.

The climate control system attempts to maintain your climate settings until you shift out of Park or manually turn it off. Avoid using Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp when the battery charge is low. If the Battery's charge level drops below 20%, the Tesla mobile app attempts to repeatedly send you notifications reminding you to check on anything that you have left in Model S.

NOTE: Software updates cannot be performed when Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp is active.

NOTE: The intrusion sensor (if equipped) automatically disables when Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp is active. However, you can override this behavior and keep the intrusion sensor enabled. To do so, touch Controls > Safety > Tilt/Intrusion after enabling Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp. However, note that keeping the intrusion sensor enabled while Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp is active can trigger an alarm event as a result of air movement inside the cabin.

WARNING: Never leave a child unattended in your vehicle.

WARNING: Check local laws for any restrictions on leaving pets unattended in your vehicle.

WARNING: You are responsible for the safety of your dog or pet. Never leave them in Model S for long periods of time. Constantly monitor the vehicle temperature and their well-being. Make sure you have sufficient cellular coverage on your phone and time to return to the vehicle, if necessary.

WARNING: In the unlikely event that your climate control system needs service or is not working as expected, avoid using Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp. Never rely on your vehicle to protect something irreplaceable.

WARNING: You can adjust and monitor the climate control system remotely using the mobile app. However, if you use the mobile app to turn off the climate control system, Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp stop operating.


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