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Tesla Model S: Cold Weather Best Practices

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Owner's Manual / Driving / Cold Weather Best Practices


 Before Driving

When snow and ice accumulate on your vehicle, moving parts, such as the door handles, windows, mirrors, and wipers can freeze in place. To achieve maximum range and performance, it is helpful to wa

 While Driving

Cold weather can increase energy consumption because more power is required for driving, cabin and Battery heating. Follow these suggestions to reduce energy consumption: Use seat heaters to keep

 After Driving

Leave Model S plugged in when not in use. This uses the charging system, rather than the Battery itself, to keep the Battery warm (see High Voltage Battery Information). Scheduled Departure When par


 Module - TPMS - Continental (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove RH rear seat bolster (refer to procedure). Remove the 2nd row seat cushion (refer to procedure). Release the lower section of the RH sill panel to access the TPMS ECU. Caution: Do not remove the entire trim panel.

 Reservoir - Windshield Washer (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the rear center underhood apron (refer to procedure). Remove the plastic rivet that secures the reservoir neck to the suspension shock tower. Remove the washer pump from the reservoir (refer to pr

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