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Tesla Model S: I'm Feeling Lucky, Hungry

NOTE: "I'm Feeling Lucky" and "I'm Feeling Hungry" may not be available in all market regions and on all vehicle configurations.

In addition to navigating to a destination of your choice, Model S can also suggest nearby locations based on whether you are feeling Hungry or Lucky. In the navigation search bar, touch Hungry or Lucky. Hungry suggests popular restaurants, whereas Lucky suggests popular destinations (such as museums and amusement parks). For new suggestions, touch Hungry or Luck again. Once you discover a destination that interests you, touch Navigate to proceed to the destination.

This feature requires the latest version of Navigation maps. To download, connect Model S to Wi-Fi and touch Controls > Software to check if an update is available (see Map Updates).

Home, Work, and Favorite Destinations

If you frequently drive to a destination, you may want to add it as a favorite to avoid having to enter the location's name or address each time. When you add a destination as a Favorite, you can easily navigate to it by touching the navigation search bar and then touching Favorites and choosing it from your list of favorite destinations.

To add a destination to your Favorites list touch its pin on the map, then touch the star icon on the popup screen that appears. Enter a name (or leave as-is to accept the default name), then touch Add to Favorites. The star becomes solid and the destination is included on your Favorites list.

To delete a Recent or Favorite destination, touch it on the destination list and hold it down briefly until the X appears. Then touch the X to delete it from the list.

Home and Work locations also display under the map's search bar. Touch to set an address to the corresponding location. After entering the address, touch Save as Home or Save as Work. Then simply touch these shortcuts whenever you want to navigate home or to work.

To change or delete the address associated with Home or Work, press and hold its icon and in the popup screen that displays, enter a new address and touch Save as Home or Save as Work, or touch Clear Home or Clear Work.

NOTE: Based on your usage patterns, Model S may prompt you to save a location as Home or Work.

NOTE: Once a Home or Work location is saved, Model S may prompt you to navigate to your Work location in the mornings and to your Home location in the evenings and provide an estimated driving time based on current traffic conditions. See Automatic Navigation.

For security reasons, if you sell Model S, it is recommended that you delete your Home and Work locations. You can delete these individually or you can perform a factory reset to erase all personal data (touch Controls > Service > Factory Reset).


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