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Tesla Model S: Trip Planner

Trip Planner (if available in your market region) helps you take longer road trips with confidence. If reaching your destination requires charging, Trip Planner routes you through the appropriate Supercharger locations. Trip Planner selects a route and provides charging times to minimize the amount of time you spend driving and charging. To enable Trip Planner, touch the map's settings icon (see Navigation Settings), then touch Trip Planner.

When Trip Planner is enabled and charging is required to reach your destination, the turn-by-turn direction list includes Supercharger stops, recommended charging times at each Supercharger, and an estimate of how much energy will be available when you arrive at the Supercharger location.

NOTE: When navigating to a Supercharger or, in some regions, a third-party fast charger using Trip Planner, Model S may allocate some energy to pre-heat the Battery to arrive at the Supercharger or third-party fast charger with an optimal Battery temperature. This reduces charging time (see Warming the Battery Before Supercharging).

To remove Supercharger stops and display directions only, touch Remove all charging stops at the bottom of the turn-by-turn direction list. If you remove charging stops, the turn-by-turn direction list may display an alert indicating that charging is needed to reach your destination. To add Supercharger stops back to the turn- by-turn direction list, touch Add charging stops.

While charging at a Supercharger, the charging screen displays the remaining charging time needed to drive to your next Supercharger stop, or destination (if no further charging is needed). If you charge for a shorter or longer length of time, charging time at subsequent Supercharger stops is adjusted accordingly.

NOTE: You can also use the mobile app to monitor remaining charging time needed.

NOTE: If a Supercharger on your navigation route experiences an outage, Trip Planner displays a notification and attempts to reroute you to a different Supercharger location.

If Trip Planner estimates that you won't have enough energy for your round trip, and there are no Superchargers available on your route, Trip Planner displays an alert at the top of the turn-by-turn direction list notifying you that charging is needed to reach your destination.

Map Updates

As updated maps become available, they are automatically sent to Model S over Wi-Fi. To ensure you receive them, periodically connect Model S to a Wi-Fi network (see Connecting to Wi-Fi). The touchscreen displays a message informing you when new maps are installed.




    The Media Player displays on the touchscreen and is used to play various types of media. You can drag Media Player upward to expand it (allowing you to browse), and downward to minimize it so that

     Volume Controls

    Roll the scroll button on the left side of the steering yoke up or down to increase or decrease volume respectively. The scroll button adjusts the volume for media, voice commands, and phone calls.


     About this Owner Information

    Document Applicability For the latest and greatest information that is customized to your vehicle, view the Owner's Manual on your vehicle's touchscreen by touching Controls > Service > Owner's Manual. The information is specific to your vehicle depending on the features you purchased, ve

     Drive Unit - Rear - Large (Remove and Replace)

    Note: Loosen suspension fasteners by hand, then use a cordless electric drill with a 3/8 in drive adapter and an 3/8 in drive air ratchet wrench. Removal Remove the drive unit (refer to procedure). Installation Note: Perform the Installation section of 40012001,

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