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Tesla Model S: Importing Contacts and Recent Calls

Once paired, use the Bluetooth settings screen to specify whether you want to allow access to your phone's calendar, contacts and recent calls. If you allow access, you can use the phone app to make calls and send messages to people in your list of contacts and on your recent calls list (see Bluetooth Compatibility). Before contacts can be imported, you may need to either set your phone to allow syncing, or respond to a popup on your phone to confirm that you want to sync contacts. This varies depending on the type of phone you are using. For details, refer to the documentation provided with your phone.

NOTE: You can turn access to your contacts and recent calls on or off at any time by displaying the Bluetooth settings screen, choosing the phone, and then changing the associated access settings.

Unpairing a Bluetooth Phone

If you want to disconnect your phone and use it again later, simply touch Disconnect on the Bluetooth settings screen. If you no longer want to use your phone with Model S, touch Forget This Device. Once you forget a device, you must pair it again if you want to use it with Model S (see Pairing a Bluetooth Phone).

NOTE: Your phone automatically disconnects when you leave Model S.

NOTE: Unpairing the phone has no effect on using the phone as a key. To forget an authenticated phone, see Managing Keys.

Connecting to a Paired Phone

Model S automatically connects to a phone that you designated as Priority Device on the Bluetooth settings screen. If you have not set a phone as a priority, Model S connects to the last phone to which is was connected, provided it is within operating range and has Bluetooth turned on. If the last phone is not within range, it attempts to connect with the next phone that it has been paired with.

To connect to a different phone, touch the Bluetooth icon at the top of the Controls screen. The Bluetooth settings screen displays a list of paired phones. Choose the phone you want to connect to, then touch Connect. If the phone you want to connect to is not listed, you must pair the phone. See Pairing a Bluetooth Phone.

When connected, the Bluetooth settings screen displays the Bluetooth symbol next to the phone's name to show that Model S is connected to the phone.


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