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Tesla Model S: Receiving a Phone Call

When your phone receives an incoming call, the touchscreen displays the caller's number or name (if the caller is in your phone's contact list and Model S has access to your contacts).

Touch one of the options on the touchscreen to Answer or Ignore the call. Depending on the phone you are using and what speakers you used for your most recent call, your phone may prompt you to choose which speakers you want to use for the incoming call.

WARNING: Stay focused on the road at all times while driving. Using or programming a phone while driving, even with Bluetooth enabled, can result in serious injury or death.

WARNING: Follow all applicable laws regarding the use of phones while driving, including, but not limited to, laws that prohibit texting and require hands-free operation at all times.

In Call Options

When a call is in progress, the call menu displays on the touchscreen. Then roll the right scroll button to choose an option. To adjust the call volume, roll the steering yoke's left scroll button during a call.


The calendar displays scheduled events from your phone's (iPhone or Android) calendar for the current and next day. The calendar is conveniently integrated with the phone app so you can dial into your meeting from a Calendar entry. It is also integrated with the navigation system so you can navigate to the event's location.

Using the calendar requires that:

  • The Tesla mobile app is running, you are logged in, and the mobile app's Calendar Sync setting is turned on. The mobile app can then periodically (and automatically) send calendar data from your phone to Model S.

NOTE: To ensure you have access to all of the calendar's features, it is recommended that you use the most recent version of the mobile app.

  • Your phone is connected to Model S via Bluetooth (for privacy reasons, Model S displays calendar data only from a connected phone). In situations when your vehicle is not connected to a phone, touch Connect Phone on the calendar list.
  • Mobile access is turned on (Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access).
  • Both your phone and your vehicle have good connectivity.

If a calendar event includes an address, a navigation arrow displays to indicate that you can touch the address to navigate to the event's location. When an event on your calendar takes place within the next hour and has a uniquely specified address, the touchscreen notifies you if there is a better route due to traffic, even when you're not actively using navigation.

If an event has a uniquely specified address and takes place within two hours of you entering your vehicle and preparing to drive, Model S automatically routes you to the event's address (see Automatic Navigation).

Touch an event's information icon to display all notes associated with the event. If the notes include one or more phone numbers, the information icon shows a phone icon and the calendar displays the first phone number found. Touch to initiate a phone call. You can also initiate a phone call by touching any number in an event's notes popup screen (this is especially useful for conference calls). If notes include a web link, you can touch the link to open it in the Web browser.


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