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Tesla Model S: Instrument Panel Overview

The instrument panel changes depending on whether Model S is:

  • Off or Parked (shown below)
  • Driving
  • Charging

When Model S is off or Parked, the instrument panel shows remaining estimated range, vehicle status, and outside temperature.

Instrument Panel

  1. When the car is off and you initially press the brake, indicator lights flash briefly along the top of the instrument panel. Unless an indicator light applies to a current situation, it should turn off. If an indicator light fails to turn on or off, refer to Indicator Lights.
  2. An image of your car and its accompanying status (such as lights on, door open, etc.).
  3. Total estimated driving distance (or energy) available. Instead of driving distance, you can display the percentage of battery energy remaining. To do so, touch Controls > Display > Energy Display.

NOTE: When anticipating when you need to charge, use estimates as a general guideline only.

  1. Estimated outside temperature.
  2. Pay attention to instructions or important alert messages that display here. If any alerts are in effect, you can view information about them by touching Controls and then touching the bell icon located at the top of the screen.
  3. Currently selected drive mode: Park, Reverse, Neutral, or Drive. If Auto Shift out of Park is enabled, Drive or Reverse is automatically selected (based on sensor input) and displayed on the instrument panel when the driver's door is closed and seatbelt is buckled.
  4. Current time of day.


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