Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Introduction


 How To Use This Manual

General Caution: Only qualified technicians should attempt to perform the procedures contained within this manual. This manual is organized by vehicle subsystem. Click on a subsystem in

 Warranty Service Regions

Tesla Motors provides service for Model S only in countries where it has a service presence. Service centers accept all incoming Model S vehicles, regardless of where they were purchased. However,

 Best Practice


 External charging equipment not providing power

Check power source or try different equipment Charging cannot begin due to a condition that prevents your vehicle from charging with AC power. DC fast charging / Supercharging should still function as expected. Your vehicle has requested AC power from the external charging equipment, but the onb

 Cooling System - Drain and Refill

Note: Make sure at least 14 L of the specified coolant is available before beginning this procedure. Caution: Use the specified coolant only. In this manual, refer to General Information > Capacities, Fluids, and Lubricants > Fluids. Special tools required for this pro

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