Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Warranty Service Regions

Tesla Motors provides service for Model S only in countries where it has a service presence. Service centers accept all incoming Model S vehicles, regardless of where they were purchased. However, the warranty for a particular vehicle is only valid in the region where it was originally purchased. The cost of all repairs performed outside the region of purchase must be paid for by the customer.

For example, Tesla can service a vehicle in Norway that was imported from North America, but the North American warranty on the vehicle is not valid in Norway. Extra costs might be associated with servicing this vehicle, such as shipping parts from another country or sending a technician to perform the service.

Additionally, the vehicle is repaired to the original build specifications, regardless of the current location of the vehicle. For example, a North American vehicle located in Europe must be repaired to North American specifications only. No parts or components from other regions may be substituted.

For more information, refer to the Model S New Vehicle Limited Warranty for that vehicle's region.

Abbreviations and Symbols

Abbreviation Term
A/C Air Conditioning
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
AC Alternating Current
ACC Accessory
Amp (A) Ampere
AUX Auxiliary
BDY Body Controller/CAN bus
BFT Body Fault-Tolerant CAN bus
BMB Battery Monitor Board
BMS Battery Management System
C Celsius
CH Chassis CAN bus
CHG Master Charger
CHGS Slave Charger
CP Charge Port
CAN Controller Area Network
cm Centimeter
cm Cubic Centimeter/Centimeter Cubed
DC Direct Current
DCDC DC - DC Converter
deg. Degree (angle or temperature)
DI Drive Inverter
dia. Diameter
DDM Driver Door Module
EAS Electronic Air Suspension
EPAS Electric Power Assisted Steering
EPB Electric Park Brake
ESC Electronic Stability Control
EN European Norm
EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (off board charging equipment)
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EV Electric Vehicle
F Fahrenheit
GPS Global Positioning System
GTW Gateway Module
Hg Mercury
HPWC High Power Wall Connector
HV High Voltage
HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVJB High Voltage Junction Box
ICE In-Car Entertainment
IBS Intelligent Battery Sensor (12V)
IC Instrument Cluster
KAB Knee Air Bag
k Kilo
kPa KiloPascal
kWh Kilowatt Hour
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LED Light Emitting Diode
LH Left-Hand
LFT Liftgate Module
LIN Local Interconnect Network
LHD Left Hand Drive
Li-ion Lithium-ion
MC Mobile Connector
MCU Media Control Unit
MSM Memory Seat Module
μ Micro
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
ml Milliliter
mm Millimeter
mph Miles per Hour
MWh Megawatt Hour
MY Model Year
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
No. Number
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
NVH Noise Vibration Harshness
OCS Occupant Classification System
OBDII On Board Diagnostics (2nd edition)
OBM On Board Monitoring
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PDM Passenger Door Module
PM Pedal Monitor
PG Propylene Glycol
PSRCM Passive Safety Restraints Control Module
PT Powertrain CAN bus
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PTFE Polytetrafluorethylene
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
PWM Pulse Width Modulated
RCCM Remote Climate Control Module
ref Reference
RF Radio Frequency
RGB Red / Green / Blue
RH Right-Hand
RKE Remote Keyless Entry
RLSH Rain Light Solar Humidity sensor
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SCCM Steering Column Control Module
SEC Security Controller
SOC State Of Charge
SUN Sunroof (panoramic roof) controller
SRS Supplementary Restraint System
SWC Steering Wheel Controls
TC Traction Control
THC Thermal Controller
TIN Tire Identification Number
TP Throttle Position
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TXV Thermostatic Expansion Valve
V Volt
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
W Watt
YRS Yaw Rate Sensor


     Best Practice

     Electrical Precautions

    General Avoid getting grease on electrical components and connectors. Grease collects dirt, which can cause electrical tracking (short-circuits) or high resistance. Handle printed circuit boar

     General Precautions

    Dangerous substances Modern vehicles contain many materials and liquids which, if not handled with care, can be hazardous to both personal health and the environment. Warning: Many liquids and s


     Charge rate reduced - Handle temperature high

    Check charge handle or charge port for debris Charge current has been temporarily reduced because the Mobile Connector has detected increased temperature in the charge handle that connects to your vehicle's charge port. Make sure the Mobile Connector is fully inserted into your vehicle's charge p

     Drive Cycle Calibration - Forward Facing Camera

    Note: If available, calibrate the forward facing camera using the Camera Calibration Target (refer to procedure). Note: This procedure describes how to perform a drive cycle calibration on the forward facing camera. It does not apply to the rear facing camera. Connect a laptop with To

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