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Tesla Model S: Managing Keys

To display a list of all keys (phone keys, key cards, and key fobs) that can access your Model S, touch Controls > Locks. An icon displays next to each key to indicate whether the key is a phone key, key card, or key fob. Use this list to manage keys that have access to your Model S. To add or delete keys, see Adding and Removing Keys.

Model S supports up to 19 keys. When you reach this limit, you must delete a key before adding a new one.

NOTE: You can use the same key for more than one Model S. This prevents you from having to deal with multiple keys when you switch vehicles. If you customize the name of an authenticated key card or key fob on one Model S (by touching the pencil icon), any other Model S to which the key card or key fob is authenticated also displays the changed name.

Adding and Removing Keys

To add a new key card or key fob:

NOTE: When adding a key fob, ensure it is at room temperature. Pairing a key fob that is very cold can be unsuccessful.

1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks then touch + in the Keys section.

2. Scan your new key card or key fob on the card reader located on the wireless phone charger. To scan the key fob:

  • Place it at the top of the left phone charger, against the center divider.
  • Point the front of the key fob down.
  • Swipe downwards (as shown in the image).

When you hear a chime and the new key is recognized, remove it from the card reader.


3. Scan a key card or key fob that has already been paired to the vehicle to confirm new key pairing.

4. When complete, the key list includes the new key. Touch the associated pencil icon to customize the name of the key.

Removing a key:

When you no longer want a key to access Model S (for example, you lost your phone or key card, etc.), follow these steps to remove it.

1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks.

2. In the key list, find the key that you would like to delete and touch its associated trash icon.

3. When prompted, scan an authenticated key card or key fob on the card reader to confirm the deletion. When complete, the key list no longer includes the deleted key.

NOTE: Model S requires at least one authenticated key card or key fob at all times. If only one key card remains on the key list, you cannot delete it.



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