Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Interior Locking and Unlocking

While sitting inside Model S, you can lock and unlock all doors and trunks by touching the lock icon in Controls.

The icon changes to indicate whether doors are locked or unlocked.

Driver Door Unlock Mode

Enabling Controls > Locks > Driver Door Unlock Mode only unlocks the driver door when you first unlock Model S.

Walk-Away Door Lock

Doors and trunks can automatically lock when you walk away carrying your phone key or paired key fob. To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Locks > Walk- Away Door Lock.

When the doors lock, the exterior lights flash once and the mirrors fold (if Fold Mirrors is on). To also hear a confirmation sound when Model S locks, touch Controls > Locks > Lock Confirmation Sound.

Model S does not automatically lock if:

  • You check the Exclude Home checkbox and Model S is parked at the location you have designated as Home. For details on how to designate a location as Home, see Home, Work, and Favorite Destinations.
  • A phone key or paired key fob is detected inside Model S.
  • A door or trunk is not fully closed.
  • The phone key's Bluetooth setting is turned off.
  • Key fob or phone key remains within range for five minutes after all doors have been closed.

NOTE: It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is locked, even when Walk-Away Door Lock is enabled.

Drive Away Locking

Model S automatically locks all doors (including the trunks) when your driving speed exceeds 5 mph (8 km/h).

Child Locks

Model S has child locks on the rear doors to prevent them from being opened using the interior release buttons. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks > Child Lock. You can choose Both to engage the child lock on both rear doors, or you can choose Left or Right to engage it on just a specific door.

WARNING: It is recommended that you turn on child locks when children are seated in the rear seats.

Unlock on Park

When you stop Model S and engage Park, you can choose to unlock all doors. To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Locks > Unlock on Park.



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