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Tesla Model S: Service is required

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This alert is set remotely by Tesla when a condition requiring service is detected on your vehicle.

This alert can be set due to various conditions. When you schedule service, more information should be available.

This alert can only be cleared by a service technician after your vehicle has been serviced.

As this alert can be present due to various conditions, it is recommended that you schedule service at your earliest convenience.

Active service connection to vehicle

Service performing remote diagnostics

A service technician is remotely logged into your vehicle for diagnosis or repair. You may notice some loss of Infotainment functionality while the connection persists, but this alert does not indicate an issue with your vehicle.

Your vehicle is OK to drive.

This alert should clear automatically after the technician completes vehicle diagnosis or repair. You may find it necessary to restart your touchscreen to restore full Infotainment functionality after the alert has cleared. For more information, see Restarting the Touchscreen in your vehicle's Do It Yourself Guide.

If this alert does not clear after 24 hours, it is recommended that you schedule service via your Tesla Mobile App or with an independent service provider. Please note that independent service provider options may vary, based on your vehicle configuration and your location.


     Unable to charge with Mobile Connector

    Inadequate outlet grounding - Try another outlet The Mobile Connector has detected that the electrical outlet has insufficient grounding, likely caused by an inadequate or missing ground connection.

     Unable to charge - Mobile Connector GFCI tripped

    Unplug charge handle from charge port and retry The vehicle cannot charge because the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in the Mobile Connector has tripped. Like the GFCI in a wall outlet, thi

     Unable to charge with Mobile Connector

    Voltage too high / Try a different wall outlet The vehicle cannot charge, or charging is interrupted, because either the Mobile Connector: Detects the wall outlet voltage is too high. OR Detects


     Steering Wheel (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove the driver's air bag (refer to procedure). Position the wheels straight ahead. Mark the steering wheel relative position to the column. Remove and discard the bolt that secures the steering wheel to the column (torque 80 Nm). Remove the steering wheel.

     Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure

    Toggle between Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging by touching Controls > Charging > Switch to Scheduled Charging/Scheduled Departure when Model S is in Park. NOTE: Scheduled Charging/Scheduled Departure settings are also available on the Climate Controls screen and in the Tesla mo

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