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Tesla Model S: Unable to charge with Mobile Connector

Inadequate outlet grounding - Try another outlet

The Mobile Connector has detected that the electrical outlet has insufficient grounding, likely caused by an inadequate or missing ground connection. This does not indicate an issue with your Mobile Connector or vehicle, but instead points to an issue with the wall outlet / electrical installation the Mobile Connector is connected to.

Have the electrical installation inspected by an electrician. Your electrician should make sure there is proper grounding at your circuit breaker or power distribution box, and also make sure that appropriate connections are made to the outlet, before you attempt to plug in the Mobile Connector again.

If you need to charge in the meantime, it is recommended that you try charging using a different outlet, at another location, or with another type of charging station.

You can also try charging your vehicle using a Tesla Supercharger or Destination Charging location, all of which can be located through the map on your vehicle's touchscreen display. See Maps and Navigation for more details. Additional third-party charging stations may also be available in your area to help you to pinpoint the issue.

For more information on troubleshooting Mobile Connector status lights and charging issues, refer to the product's owner's manual.


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