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Tesla Model S: To Use the Mobile App

To set up the Tesla mobile app to communicate with your Model S:

1. Download the Tesla mobile app to your phone.

2. Log in to the Tesla mobile app by entering your Tesla account credentials.

3. Enable mobile access to your Model S by touching Controls > Safety > Mobile Access (see Controls).

Your phone and vehicle must both be actively connected to cellular service to allow the mobile app to communicate with your vehicle. Tesla recommends that you always have a functional physical key readily available if parking in an area with limited or absent cellular service, such as an indoor parking garage.

NOTE: In the event that you require lockout assistance from Tesla due to a non-warranty issue, such as having limited cellular connectivity and having no secondary key available, your expenses are not covered under the Roadside Assistance policy.

NOTE: Tesla does not support the use of third party applications to contact Model S.


The Tesla mobile app's home screen allows you to:

  • See the name of your vehicle (if you have one).
  • View your vehicle's estimated range.
  • See which drive mode the vehicle is in (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive).
  • Lock or unlock your vehicle.
  • Enable maximum defrost to warm your vehicle in cold conditions.
  • Check your vehicle's charging information and open or close the charge port.

NOTE: Twisting red lines next to the battery icon indicate that the Battery is actively heating up (including while charging or preparing to charge).

  • Open the front trunk.
  • View your vehicle's odometer, VIN, and current firmware version.

Media settings appear on the mobile app to pause, play, rewind, fast forward, and adjust the volume of the media currently playing in the vehicle.

For supported video sources, send videos to Tesla Theater by sharing the link through the mobile app. Navigate to the movie, show, or video you want to play on your phone and touch the share button. Share the video with the Tesla app and it appears on the touchscreen if Model S is in Park.



    In the Profile tab located at the top corner of your phone's screen (shown as an avatar icon), you can: Switch to a different vehicle associated with your Tesla account, if you have access to mor


    You can check the interior temperature and heat or cool the cabin before driving (even if it's in a garage), control the seat heaters, and defrost the windshield: Enable or disable Defrost Car by



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