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Tesla Model S: Visual and Audio Feedback

When you shift to Reverse, the Park Assist view displays on the left side of the instrument panel, showing objects that are in close proximity to the front and rear of Model S. This view closes when you shift into Drive unless an object is detected close to the front of Model S, in which case the Park Assist view closes automatically when your driving speed exceeds 5 mph (8 km/h). When reversing, visual feedback also displays on the touchscreen (see Rear Facing Camera(s) ). You can manually close the park assist view on the touchscreen by touching the X.

When driving with the Camera app displayed on the touchscreen, you can switch to the Park Assist view when driving at speeds below 5 mph (8 km/h). Touch the button located in the upper left corner of the Camera app screen. This is useful if you need assistance with parallel parking.

If chimes are turned on (see Controlling Audible Feedback), an audible beep sounds as you approach an object. You can temporarily mute the chime by touching the speaker icon on the bottom corner of the Park Assist view.

NOTE: If a sensor is unable to provide feedback, the instrument panel displays an alert message.

CAUTION: Keep sensors clean from dirt, debris, snow, and ice. Avoid using a high pressure power washer on the sensors and do not clean a sensor with a sharp or abrasive object that can scratch or damage its surface.

CAUTION: Do not install accessories or stickers on or near the parking sensors.


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