Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Vehicle Hold

When Model S is stopped, Vehicle Hold can continue to apply the brakes even after you remove your foot from the brake pedal. When driving on a hill or on a flat surface, brake as you normally would. After coming to a complete stop, simply press the brake pedal again (until the instrument panel displays the Vehicle Hold indicator light) to enable Vehicle Hold. You can then release the brake pedal and remain stopped, even on a hill.

This indicator displays on the instrument panel whenever Vehicle Hold is actively braking Model S.

To disengage Vehicle Hold, press the accelerator pedal or press and release the brake pedal.

NOTE: Shifting into Neutral also disengages Vehicle Hold.

NOTE: After actively braking Model S for approximately ten minutes, Model S shifts into Park and Vehicle Hold cancels. Model S also shifts into Park if it detects that the driver has left the vehicle.


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