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Tesla Model S: Controlling Lights

Touch Controls > Lights to control the lights.

NOTE: You can also access an abbreviated lights menu while driving by touching the Auto High Beam button on the steering yoke. A lights menu displays on the touchscreen, providing quick access to headlight controls.

In addition to the lights that you can control from the touchscreen, Model S has convenience lights that turn on and off automatically based on what you are doing. For example, interior lights, marker lights, tail lights, and puddle lights turn on when you unlock Model S, when you open a door, and when you shift into Park. They turn off automatically after a minute or two or when you shift or lock Model S. Use these settings to control exterior and interior lights:

Exterior Lights

Exterior lights (headlights, tail lights, side marker lights, parking lights, and license plate lights) are set to AUTO each time you start Model S. When set to AUTO, exterior lights automatically turn on when driving in low lighting conditions. If you change to a different setting, lights always revert to AUTO on your next drive.

Touch one of these options to change the exterior light setting:

  • OFF: Exterior lights turn off until you manually turn them back on or until the next time you drive. If daytime running lights are required in your region, the exterior lights used for this purpose are always on when Drive is engaged.
  • PARKING: Only the side marker lights, parking lights, tail lights and license plate lights turn on.

NOTE: If daytime running lights are required in your region, the exterior lights used for this purpose are always on whenever Drive or Reverse is engaged.

  • ON: Exterior lights turn on.

CAUTION: Ensure the headlights and rear lights are on during low visibility conditions (for example, when it is dark, foggy, snowy, or the road is wet, etc.). The rear tail lights are off while daytime running lights are on. Failure to do so can cause damage or serious injury.

Fog Lights

If equipped, touch to turn the fog lights on or off. Fog lights operate only when low beam headlights are on. When headlights are turned off, fog lights also turn off.

The front fog indicator displays on the instrument panel whenever the optional front fog lights are on.

NOTE: Depending on the market region and vehicle options, your vehicle may not be equipped with front and/or rear fog lights.

Interior Lights

Turn the interior dome (map) lights on or off. If set to AUTO, all interior dome lights turn on when you unlock Model S, open a door upon exiting, or shift into Park.

NOTE: You can also manually turn an individual dome light on or off by pressing its lens. If you turn a dome light on, it turns off when Model S powers off. If Model S was already powered off when you manually turned the light on, it turns off after 60 minutes.

Ambient Lights

When enabled, interior ambient lights turn on whenever the headlights are on.

Auto High Beam

If you turn on Auto High Beam, headlights automatically switch from high beam headlights to low beam headlights when light is detected in front of Model S. See High Beam Headlights .

Headlights after Exit

If you turn on Headlights after Exit, the exterior lights remain on for one minute after you stop driving and park Model S in low lighting conditions. See Headlights After Exit.

NOTE: Model S has lights along the rim of the headlights, also referred to as "signature" lights. These lights automatically turn on whenever Model S is powered on and a drive mode is engaged.


     High Beam Headlights

    Use the high beam headlight button on the left side of the steering yoke to control the headlights: Press and quickly release to flash high beam headlights. Press and hold to turn on high beam h

     Rear Reading Lights

    Model S is equipped with a reading light on each side of the rear seats, located above the door and next to the coat hangers (see Coat Hangers ). To turn a reading light on or off, press its lens.

     Turn Signals

    To engage a turn signal, press the corresponding arrow button on the left side of the steering yoke. A turn signal cancels based on the angle of the steering yoke (for example, you finish making a


     About this Owner Information

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     To Pause Parking

    To pause Autopark, press the brake pedal once. Model S stops and remains stopped until you touch Resume on the touchscreen. To Cancel Parking Autopark cancels the parking sequence when you manually move the steering yoke, shift, or touch Cancel on the touchscreen. Autopark also cancels parking

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