Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Lights


 Controlling Lights

Touch Controls > Lights to control the lights. NOTE: You can also access an abbreviated lights menu while driving by touching the Auto High Beam button on the steering yoke. A lights menu display

 High Beam Headlights

Use the high beam headlight button on the left side of the steering yoke to control the headlights: Press and quickly release to flash high beam headlights. Press and hold to turn on high beam h

 Rear Reading Lights

Model S is equipped with a reading light on each side of the rear seats, located above the door and next to the coat hangers (see Coat Hangers ). To turn a reading light on or off, press its lens.


 Unable to charge with Mobile Connector

Voltage too high / Try a different wall outlet The vehicle cannot charge, or charging is interrupted, because either the Mobile Connector: Detects the wall outlet voltage is too high. OR Detects an unexpected increase in supply voltage from the wall outlet. Try charging the vehicle with a dif

 Firmware Update - CHAdeMO Charging Adapter

Tools required: 12V power supply Laptop with Toolbox 2.0 or higher USB-CAN dongle CHAdeMO CAN programming connector CAN Setup Connect the USB-CAN dongle to a laptop that is equipped with Toolbox 2.0 or higher. Connect the CHAdeMO CAN programming connector to the

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