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Tesla Model S: Customizing Track Mode

To customize Track Mode, touch Track Mode Settings on the Track Mode popup that appears on the map when you enable Track Mode. You can also access the Track Mode settings by touching Controls > Pedals & Steering, then touching Customize next to the Track Mode setting. Choose an existing Track Mode setting from the list of pre-defined profiles provided by Tesla. Or create a new settings profile by touching Add New Settings, entering a name for the settings profile, then adjusting these settings to suit your preferences or driving scenario, or customize for a specific track:

  • Handling Balance - Drag the slider to customize the balance of Model S in a turn. If Model S is too loose, you can choose a front-biased under-steering setup. Difficult to get the vehicle through a turn? Try a rear- biased setup to increase rotation. You can select any value, in 5% increments, between 100/0 (for 100% front biased used for under-steering) and 0/100 (for 100% rear biased used for over-steering).
  • Stability Assist - Drag the slider to choose the level at which the stability control systems assist in controlling the vehicle. You can choose any level from -10 to +10. Choosing +10 engages all stability assist systems for controllable driving in which stability systems remain engaged, whereas -10 disables all stability systems and the stability of the drive rests solely on the driver. The default setting of 0 represents a balance which provides some stability being automatically controlled and leaving some control up to the driver.
  •  Regenerative Braking - Drag the slider to choose how much regenerative braking is available. You can choose any value, in 5% increments, between 0 and 100%. Tesla recommends the 100% setting to prevent overheating the brakes.
  • Post-Drive Cooling - Enable if you want the cooling systems to continue cooling the vehicle's components even after you leave the vehicle. Cooling stops automatically when the components are sufficiently cool, or when you power Model S off and back on again. Post-Drive Cooling is useful if you want to quickly cool the components between driving sessions. If Post-Drive Cooling is set to OFF, the components eventually cool, but it takes longer.
  • Brake Temperatures - Enable to display temperature warnings associated with the braking system. You may want to disable warnings if you have installed an aftermarket high performance braking system.
  • Save Dashcam for Laps - Enable if you want to save a video and data on a USB flash drive when using the Lap Timer. A USB flash drive must be set up and inserted as described (see USB Drive Requirements for Recording Videos). The USB flash drive must contain a folder named TeslaTrackMode. When enabled, Track Mode stores a video and associated data for each lap. Track Mode also stores the car status and telemetry data with details about the vehicle's position, speed, acceleration, use of accelerator, etc. You can then view the video recordings and analyze this data, which is saved as a.CSV file on the USB flash drive, to determine where time is being lost or gained.

Track Mode allows you to save up to 20 settings profiles. To delete a chosen profile, touch Delete at the bottom of the settings screen.

NOTE: You can not change or delete a pre-defined profile provided by Tesla.


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