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Tesla Model S: Using the Lap Timer

When you enable Track Mode, the map displays a Lap Timer. Follow the onscreen instructions to place a start/ finish pin on the map. Once the pins are placed, press START to initiate the driving (lapping) session. When you drive Model S through the start/finish location, the Lap Timer automatically starts timing the duration of the lap, resetting the timer whenever you pass the start/ finish location, and displaying the real-time delta between the current lap and the fastest lap so far in the driving session. The map highlights the track in blue.

At the completion of each lap, the Lap Timer displays the duration of the lap. It also displays the times associated with the previous and best laps in the driving session.

If Save Dashcam for Laps is enabled (see Customizing Track Mode), and a properly formatted USB flash drive is inserted, Track Mode saves a video of the driving session (as recorded by the front cameras), along with a.CSV file that provides detailed information about the lap.

NOTE: To stop the timer at the end of your driving session, touch STOP on the Lap Timer.

Monitoring Vehicle Health

You can easily monitor the health of Model S when using Track Mode by glancing at the instrument panel. The colors indicate the status of the various components, allowing you to determine the current operating state and make decisions accordingly. The components are displayed in green when operating within their ideal temperature range. Colors change as follows:

  • The Battery displays blue when cold and red when hot.
  • A brake displays blue when cold and orange when hot (an early warning for overheating brakes, which are shown in red).
  • A motor displays blue when it's cold or red when it's hot.

NOTE: A component displayed in red may indicate a need to stop driving and allow the component to cool.

CAUTION: Any vehicle damage or injuries caused by using Track Mode is the driver's responsibility. The vehicle warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive overuse of vehicle components. It also does not cover racing, autocross, or driving in competition.


In Track Mode, a real-time G-Meter displays on the instrument panel. The G-Meter graphically displays peak lateral, acceleration, and deceleration values in the form of a circular meter. The history of your drive is represented in the shaded area. The G-Meter resets at the start of each driving session.


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