Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Folding Rear Seats

Model S has a split rear seat that can fold forward.

Before folding, remove items from the seats and the rear footwell. To allow the rear seats to fold completely flat, you may need to move the front seats forward. To fold a rear seat, push the corresponding button on the back of the seat.

Front and Rear Seats

You can also fold the rear seats fully forward by pressing the corresponding switch located on the left side of the rear trunk. Pressing the switch causes the seat to unlatch. You can then push it downward to lay it fully flat.

Front and Rear Seats

To return the seats to their upright position, pull upwards until it locks into place. To confirm that the seat is locked in the upright position, try pulling it forward.

NOTE: Driving with the rear seats folded may increase noise in the cabin area (for example, you may hear vibration sounds coming from the rear of the vehicle such as the trunk, suspension, etc.).

CAUTION: While raising a rear seat back, hold the seat belt out of the way to ensure that the seat belt is not trapped behind the backrest or caught in the seat latch.

WARNING: Always ensure that the seats are locked in their upright position by attempting to push it forward or rearward, ensuring the latch is fully engaged. Failure to do so can increase the risk of injury.


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