Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: General Precautions

Dangerous substances

Modern vehicles contain many materials and liquids which, if not handled with care, can be hazardous to both personal health and the environment.

Warning: Many liquids and substances used in motor vehicles are poisonous and should under no circumstances be consumed; they should be kept as far as possible from the skin.

Warning: Always read the instructions printed on labels or stamped on components carefully and obey them implicitly. Such instructions are included for reasons of your health and personal safety. Never disregard them.

Health protection precautions

The following precautions should be observed at all times:

  • Wear protective clothing, including impervious gloves where practicable.
  • Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with oils, particularly used engine oils.
  • Do not put oily rags in pockets.
  • Avoid contaminating clothes (particularly those next to the skin) with oil.
  • Overalls must be cleaned regularly. Discard heavily soiled clothing and oil impregnated footwear.
  • First aid treatment should be obtained immediately for open cuts and wounds.
  • Apply barrier creams before each work period to help prevent lubricating oil from contaminating the skin.
  • Wash with soap and water to ensure all oil is removed (proprietary skin cleansers and nail brushes will help).
  • Use moisturizers after cleaning; preparations containing lanolin help replace the skin's natural oils which have been removed.
  • Do not use petrol/gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, oil, thinners or solvents for cleaning skin.
  • Where practicable, de-grease components prior to handling.
  • If skin disorders develop, obtain medical advice without delay.
  • Wear eye protection (e.g. goggles or face shield) if there is a risk of eye contamination. Eye wash facilities should be provided in close vicinity to the work area.
Note: If adequate personal protection equipment is not available, notify your workshop supervisor immediately.


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