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Tesla Model S: High Voltage Battery Information

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Owner's Manual / Charging / High Voltage Battery Information


 About the High Voltage Battery

Model S has one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world. The most important way to preserve the high voltage Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it. Th

 Battery Care

Never allow the Battery to fully discharge. Even when Model S is not being driven, its Battery discharges very slowly to power the onboard electronics. The Battery can discharge at a rate of approx

 Charging Instructions


 Module - Electric Park Brake - EPB (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the RH side trunk trim (refer to procedure). Disconnect the harness connectors (x2) from the electric park brake (EPB) module. Disconnect the harness connections (x2) from the liftgate control mod

 Speed Limit Mode

Speed Limit Mode allows you to limit acceleration and limit the maximum driving speed to a chosen value between 50 and 120 mph (80 and 193 km/h). The first time you use this feature, you must create a 4-digit PIN that you must use to enable and disable Speed Limit Mode. When enabled and the dri

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