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Tesla Model S: Light - Fog/Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Service Manual / Electrical / Light - Fog/Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)


  1. Remove the liftgate applique (refer to procedure).
  2. Remove the tailgate lower finisher (refer to procedure).
  3. Release the watershield for access to the fog/reverse lamp.

    Note: A new watershield might be required if the adhesive is unable to secure it in position during reinstallation.

    Light - Fog/Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

  4. Disconnect the fog/reverse light connector.

    Light - Fog/Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

  5. Remove the nuts (x4) that secure the lamp assembly to the tailgate panel (torque 4 Nm).

    Light - Fog/Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

  6. Remove the fog/reverse lamp assembly.

Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following: Caution: Ensure that the foam gasket is completely flush with the fog/reverse light before installing.

  • When securing the lamp to the tailgate panel, secure the nuts in the order shown (torque 4 Nm).

    Light - Fog/Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)


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