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Tesla Model S: Limited deceleration when accelerator is released

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Owner's Manual / Consumer Information / Troubleshooting Alerts / Limited deceleration when accelerator is released

OK to drive - Use brake pedal as needed

Regenerative braking performance is temporarily reduced. The expected amount of automatic deceleration is not available when you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal while driving.

Your vehicle is OK to drive.

Use the brake pedal as needed to slow your vehicle, similar to the way you would apply the brakes in a gas-powered, non-electric vehicle (a vehicle with no regenerative braking to provide automatic deceleration).

This alert may occur when:

  • High voltage battery is near full charge:
    • Regenerative braking is reduced when the battery is at 95% charge or higher.
  • High voltage battery is cold:
    • The battery may not be warm enough for full regenerative braking performance.
    • This can happen at the beginning of a drive. It may happen frequently in colder climates.

Driving your vehicle will usually clear this alert, because it should reduce the battery charge below 95% and/or sufficiently heat the battery.

NOTE: In colder climates, this alert may remain present indefinitely and automatic deceleration may remain limited, as driving your vehicle may not heat the battery enough to restore full performance of the automatic deceleration feature. This alert, by itself, does not typically indicate a condition requiring service.

For more information, see Regenerative Braking.


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