Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Mirrors


 Adjusting Exterior Mirrors

Adjust the exterior mirrors by touching Controls > Mirrors. Press the left scroll button on the steering yoke to choose whether you are adjusting the Left or Right mirror. Then use the left scro

 Folding Mirrors at Specific Locations

In addition to having mirrors fold automatically whenever you park Model S, you can fold (and unfold) mirrors anytime your driving speed is less than 31 mph (50 km/h). This is useful for parking in

 Starting and Powering Off


 Fork and Control Link - Door - Exterior Handle - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove Door Motor (refer to procedure) Remove Door Grip (refer to procedure) Remove press sensor screw. Release door press sensor wiring connector. Remove pivot pin connecting control link to PVT cartrid

 Seat Cushion - Lower - 2nd Row (Remove and Install)

Removal Remove the 2nd row center console assembly, if installed (refer to procedure). Gently lift up the LH side of the 2nd row seat bottom cushion to expose the grommet tower. Caution: Do not remove the cushion by forcefully pulling up on it. Th

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