Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Starting and Powering Off

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Owner's Manual / Driving / Starting and Powering Off



When you open a door to enter Model S, the instrument panel and touchscreen power on and you can operate all controls. To shift Model S, press the brake pedal and swipe up for Drive or down for Rev

 Powering Off

When you finish driving, simply exit the vehicle. When you leave Model S with your phone key and key fob, it powers off automatically, turning off the instrument panel and touchscreen. Model S als



 Striker - Door - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

Removal Open door. Remove countersunk screws (x2) securing striker plate to 'B' pillar (torque 22 Nm). Note: Note installed position of components before removal. Remove door striker.

 Collision Avoidance Assist

The following collision avoidance features are designed to increase the safety of you and your passengers: Forward Collision Warning - provides visual and audible warnings in situations when Model S detects that there is a high risk of a frontal collision. Automatic Emergency Braking - autom

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