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Tesla Model S: Mobile Connector control box temperature high

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Owner's Manual / Consumer Information / Troubleshooting Alerts / Mobile Connector control box temperature high

Maximum charge rate reduced

Charge current has been temporarily reduced because the Mobile Connector has detected increased temperature inside its control box housing.

Make sure the Mobile Connector is not covered by anything, and that there is no heat source nearby. If the problem persists in normal ambient temperatures (under 100ºF or 38ºC), service is required.

You can also try charging your vehicle using a Tesla Supercharger or Destination Charging location, all of which can be located through the map on your vehicle's touchscreen display. See Maps and Navigation for more details. Additional third-party charging stations may also be available in your area to help you to pinpoint the issue.

For more information on troubleshooting Mobile Connector status lights and charging issues, refer to the product's owner's manual.

Charge rate reduced - Wall plug temperature high

Wall outlet and wiring inspection recommended

High temperature detected by Mobile Connector alerts indicate the outlet used to charge is becoming too warm, so charging has been slowed to protect the outlet.

This is not typically an issue with your vehicle or your Mobile Connector, but rather an issue with the outlet. A warm outlet may be caused by a plug that is not fully inserted, a loose building wiring connection to the outlet, or an outlet that is beginning to wear out.

To regain normal charge speed, make sure your adapter is fully plugged into the outlet. If charging speed does not return to normal, contact an electrician to inspect the outlet and building wiring connections to the outlet and complete any repairs needed.

If the outlet is worn, it should be replaced with a high-quality outlet. Consider upgrading to a Tesla Wall Connector for greater convenience and highest charging speed.


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