Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Plugging In

If desired, use the touchscreen to change the charge limit and the charging current (see Charge Settings).

To charge at a public charging station, plug the appropriate adapter into the vehicle's charging port, and then connect the station's charging connector to the adapter. The most commonly used adapter(s) for each market region are provided. Depending on the charging equipment you are using, you may need to start and stop charging using a control on the charging equipment.

If you are using the Mobile Connector, plug into the power outlet before plugging in Model S.

Align the connector to the charge port and insert fully. When the connector is properly inserted, charging begins automatically after Model S:

  • Engages a latch that holds the connector in place;
  • Shifts into Park (if it was in any other drive mode);
  • Heats or cools the Battery, if needed. If the Battery requires heating or cooling, you may notice a delay before charging begins.

NOTE: Whenever Model S is plugged in but not actively charging, it draws energy from the wall outlet instead of using energy stored in the Battery. For example, if you are sitting in Model S and using the touchscreen while parked and plugged in, Model S draws energy from the wall outlet instead of the Battery.

CAUTION: The connector end of the charge cable can damage the paint if you drop it onto Model S.

Charge Port Light

  • WHITE (OR LIGHT BLUE): The charge port door is open. Model S is ready to charge and the connector is not inserted, or the charge port latch is unlocked and the connector is ready to be removed.
  • BLUE: Model S detects that a connector has been plugged in.
  • BLINKING BLUE: Model S is communicating with the connector. Either Model S is preparing to charge, or a charging session is scheduled to begin at a specified future time.
  • BLINKING GREEN: Charging is in progress. As Model S approaches a full charge, the frequency of the blinking slows.
  • SOLID GREEN: Charging is complete.
  • SOLID AMBER: The connector is not fully plugged in. Realign the connector to the charge port and insert fully.
  • BLINKING AMBER: Model S is charging at a reduced current (AC charging only).
  • RED: A fault is detected and charging has stopped. Check the instrument panel or touchscreen for an alert.


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