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Tesla Model S: Special Tools - HV Battery Alignment Rods

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Service Manual / Special Tools - HV Battery Alignment Rods

The HV battery alignment rods assist in aligning the HV battery during installation.

Note: This tool is intended to be used by 2 technicians.

To use the alignment rods:

  1. Position the table under the vehicle until the bolt holes in the battery and vehicle are roughly aligned. Do not lock the casters on the lift table at this time.
  2. Identify the bolt holes on the front right and back left of the battery to use with the alignment rods.

    Special Tools - HV Battery Alignment Rods

  3. Insert the alignment rods through the bottom of the bolt holes so the tapered end points towards the underside of the vehicle.

    Special Tools - HV Battery Alignment Rods

  4. Lower the vehicle until it is approximately 12 in (30 cm) above the battery.
  5. Insert the alignment rods into the corresponding bolt holes on the vehicle.

    Special Tools - HV Battery Alignment Rods

  6. Adjust the lift table until both alignment rods are straight.
  7. Lower the vehicle until the battery Rapid Mate makes contact with the vehicle Rapid Mate.
  8. Remove the alignment rods.

    Note: The alignment rods can be stored on the magnetic strips on the underside of the battery lift table.

    Special Tools - HV Battery Alignment Rods


     Inspection and Service

     Panoramic Roof

    Annual Service Note: Not all of the procedures listed here need to be performed at each Annual Service. Refer to SC-15-00-001 for a list of the procedures to perform at the relevant service

     Brake Caliper Pad Slides

    Note: This is recommended for cold weather regions. Note: Cleaning and lubricating the caliper pad slides/abutments is not included in the Annual Service price.  Note: Perform the following


     Calculating Load Limits

    1. Locate the statement "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed XXX lbs or XXX kg" on the "Tire and Loading Information" label. 2. Determine the combined weight of all occupants that will ride in the vehicle. 3. Subtract the combined weight of the occupants from XXX lbs


    Model S automatically shifts into Park whenever it determines that you are exiting the vehicle. For example, the driver's seat belt is unbuckled and the vehicle is stopped. Model S also automatically shifts into Park when the driver's door is opened or if no action is taken within one minute of

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