Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Tesla Special Tools


 Reason for Special Tools

The following special tools have been developed to facilitate removal, dismantling and assembly of mechanical components in a cost effective and time efficient manner. The use of special tools als

 Bosch-Supplied Tools

223-34-36-08 Tesla part number: n/a Description: Anti Static Mat/w Wrist Grounding Cord an


RST-324 Tesla part number: 1024264-00-A Description: Wheel Lock Keys for Tooling, MDLS


 Charge rate reduced - Handle temperature high

Check charge handle or charge port for debris Charge current has been temporarily reduced because the Mobile Connector has detected increased temperature in the charge handle that connects to your vehicle's charge port. Make sure the Mobile Connector is fully inserted into your vehicle's charge p

 Charge port may not open when pressed

Use another method to open the charge port One of the charge port door sensors is not communicating properly. This may cause the charge port to not recognize the request to open when the charge port door is pressed. You can still use all other usual methods to open the charge port door: Request

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