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Tesla Model S: TPMS Sensor - ID Learn Procedure - Baolong

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Wheels and Tires / TPMS Sensor - ID Learn Procedure - Baolong


  1. Turn on the Tesla SmarTool and select menu item 3 - Wakeup ID.
  2. Starting with the front left wheel, hold the tool against the tire sidewall, near the valve stem, and press Enter. Note: The tool will ping the sensor and read its unique ID. If the sensor does not respond, then repeat this step.
  3. Repeat the previous step for the front right, rear right, and rear left wheels, in that order.
  4. Once the last ID has been read, press the Down arrow on the tools keypad. The small arrow on the display pointing to the rear left wheel ID will flip and point to Exit. Press Enter on the keypad to exit to the main menu.
  5. Connect the four way breakout adapter to the diagnostic connector underneath the touchscreen. Use the included adapter to connect the tool to the Chassis CAN bus.
  6. Make sure the car is in Drive mode.
  7. Select menu item 4 - Write ID, and press Enter.
  8. Select menu item 1 - Use CAN line, press Enter and wait for the tool to write the sensor IDs to the TPMS Control Unit.
  9. Disconnect Tesla SmarTool and verify normal TPMS operation.


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