Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Front Drive Unit


 Front Drive Unit (From Above) (Remove and Install)

 Remove Components For Access

Note: If possible, use the "From Below" procedure to remove and install the front drive unit (refer to procedure). Special tools required for this procedure: Su

 Remove Front Drive Unit

Position the support jack on top of the front crossmember and secure the 2 screws to the front crossmember. The support jack mounts to the bolt holes on top of the fron


 Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp

The Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp settings allow you to keep the climate control system running when in Park, even after you've left Model S or choose to stay inside the vehicle. These settings are useful when it is important to maintain the cabin temperature in hot or cold weather conditions.

 Seat Belt Assembly - 3rd Row - LH (Remove and Replace)

Removal Maneuver the 3rd row seat for access to the anchor points (x4). Remove the bolts (x4) that secure the seat belt to the body and seat back (torque 45 Nm).   Release and remove the seat belt buckle webbing from the main assembly. Release

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