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Tesla Model S: Wheel Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Wheels and Tires / Wheel Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace)


 Wheel Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace) - Removal

Warning: If the vehicle has air suspension, activate "Jack" mode on the touchscreen before raising and supporting the vehicle. Removal Remove the wheel (refer to procedur

 Wheel Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace) - Installation

Installation Clean and inspect the wheel and valve hole. Remove any dirt, burrs, or swarf. Install the valve retaining screw to the wheel sensor. Note: Ensure

 TPMS Sensor - ID Learn Procedure - Baolong

Setup Turn on the Tesla SmarTool and select menu item 3 - Wakeup ID. Starting with the front left wheel, hold the tool against the tire sidewall, near the valve stem, and pre


 Bushing Installation, Front Motor Mount

Use brake cleaner to clean the threaded rod and the nut bearing assemblies. Use 3M Spray Lube 08878 or equivalent to lubricate the threaded rod and the nut bearing assemblies. Slide the bushing into the left side of the front motor mount so that the shorter cavities are horiz

 Troubleshooting HomeLink

Standard Mode In Standard Mode, Model S records the RF signal from your HomeLink device's remote control. The touchscreen instructs you to stand in front of the vehicle, point the device's remote control at the front bumper, and press and hold the button until the headlights flash. When the hea

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