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Tesla Model S: Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless phone chargers are integrated into both the front and rear consoles, each providing up to 15W of power to charge Qi-enabled phones. Simply place your phone on the charger. Your device may feel warm while charging, but this is a normal effect of inductive charging.

Interior Storage and Electronics

When placed on the wireless charger, your phone charges whenever the vehicle is powered on (the touchscreen is on and you are in the vehicle). Your phone does not charge when you leave the vehicle unless a feature, such as Sentry mode is enabled.

NOTE: The phone must be in direct contact with the wireless charger. Do not place objects between the phone and the charger (for example, credit cards, key cards, coins, keys, metal objects, etc.).

NOTE: The wireless phone charger may not work if your phone case is too large or is made of metal. Try removing the phone from its case before placing it on the charger.

NOTE: The wireless phone charger does not charge if the vehicle's high voltage Battery is discharged.


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