Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Camera Location

Model S is equipped with a rear view camera located above the rear license plate.

Rear Facing Camera(s)

Whenever you shift into Reverse, the touchscreen displays the view from the camera. Lines show your driving path based on the position of the steering yoke. These lines adjust as you move the steering yoke.

Model S also displays images from the side cameras (if equipped). Simply swipe up or down to hide or show the side camera views.

NOTE: Visual feedback from the parking sensors also appear on the instrument panel (see Park Assist).

To display the view from the rear view cameras at any time, open the app launcher and touch the Camera app.

WARNING: Never depend on the cameras to inform you if the area behind you is free of objects and/or people. The cameras may not detect objects or barriers that can potentially cause damage or injury. In addition, several external factors can reduce the performance of the cameras, including a dirty or obstructed lens. Therefore, depending on the cameras to determine if Model S is approaching an obstruction can result in damage to the vehicle and/or objects and can potentially cause serious injury. Always inspect the area with your own eyes. When reversing, perform shoulder checks and use all mirrors. Use the cameras for guidance purposes only. It is not intended to replace your own direct visual checks and is not a substitute for careful driving.


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