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Tesla Model S: Charging equipment not ready

See equipment instructions to start charging

Charging cannot begin because the charging station is communicating to your vehicle that either the external charging equipment is not ready or charging is not authorized. The control pilot signal that communicates between the charging station and your vehicle indicates that your vehicle is not allowed to start charging. This could occur because:

  • The charging station is actively delaying charging. For example, this can happen because the station has a scheduled charging feature activated.
  • The charging station requires further activation before the charge session can begin. Some additional authentication may be needed before the station will start charging your vehicle.
    • For example: a charging card, a mobile app, or a credit card may be required.

Check the charging station for any instructions that explain the steps necessary to enable charging. For example, look for a touchscreen terminal, LED status indicators, printed instructions, or a payment interface that might provide guidance. If you cannot enable charging on the current charging station, try charging the vehicle with different charging equipment or at a different charging station.

  • If the vehicle starts to charge, the issue was likely with the equipment.
  • If the vehicle still does not charge, the issue may be with the vehicle.

As this alert is usually specific to external charging equipment and power sources, and it does not typically indicate an issue with your vehicle that can be resolved by scheduling service, it is recommended that you:

  • Try charging with different charge equipment / at different stations.

You can also try charging your vehicle using a Tesla Supercharger or Destination Charging location, all of which can be located through the map on your vehicle's touchscreen display. See Maps and Navigation for more details. Additional third-party charging stations may also be available in your area to help you to pinpoint the issue.

For more information on troubleshooting Mobile Connector or Wall Connector status lights, refer to the product's Owner's Manual at Charging & Adapter Product Guides. If using other external charging equipment, refer to the manufacturer's provided documentation for troubleshooting tips.

For more information on charging, see Charging Instructions.


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