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Tesla Model S: Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Service Manual / Exterior fittings / Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Remove and Replace)


 Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Remove)

Removal Lower the front window glass. Remove the door trim panel (refer to procedure). Carefully release the clips (x2) that secure the front top end of the flap seal to the door.

 Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

Installation Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following: Inspect the mirror area of the door panel. Install 2 nylon shims

 Glass - Door Mirror - LH (Remove and Replace)

Warning: To avoid personal injury, eye protection must be worn when performing this operation.Warning: To avoid personal injury, wear cut-resistant gloves when performing this operation.


 3 Way Coolant Valve - Radiator Bypass (Remove and Replace)

Warning: If the 12V power supply is disconnected, do not attempt to open any doors with door glass in closed position. Failure to follow this instruction could result in door glass shatter. Note: Before disconnecting the 12V power supply, ensure that the driver's door window

 Viewing Video Recordings

You can view recorded footage on the touchscreen when Model S is in Park. Touch the Dashcam icon located in the app launcher or the Dashcam icon on the Controls screen. Touch the menu icon in the top corner of the screen. The tabs display a list of all video clips, organized by location and tim

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