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Tesla Model S: Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)


Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following:
  1. Inspect the mirror area of the door panel. Install 2 nylon shims (1026519-00-A) and a strip of black felt tape if they are not present in the area.

    Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

    1 Shim
    2 Felt tape
  2. From the inside of the vehicle, inspect the diamond-shaped area immediately in front of the fixed glass. Install the exterior mirror NVH foam (1022112-00-A) if it is not present in the area.

    Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

  3. Check the color of the door harness electrical connector near the mirror. If the connector is black (on vehicles built before late May 2013), install the mirror harness adaptor (1025215-00-A).

    Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

  4. Install the door mirror assembly:

    Caution: Ensure that the wiring harness connector is inboard of the door.

    Caution: Failure to install the fasteners using the following sequence can result in NVH issues.

    Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

    1 Upper bolt
    2 Forward bolt
    3 Lower bolt
    1. Hand tighten the upper bolt.
    2. While applying downward pressure on the door mirror assembly, torque the forward bolt (18 Nm).
    3. While applying downward pressure on the door mirror assembly, torque the upper bolt (18 Nm).
    4. Torque the lower bolt (18 Nm).
  5. Carefully align the door glass to the guide rail during final assembly.
  6. Check for smooth operation of the window glass. Adjust the alignment of the glass if the glass does not operate smoothly.
  7. Remove the plugs and loosen the nuts (x2) that control the inboard and outboard adjustment of the glazing, located beneath the door (torque 10 Nm).

    Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

  8. Loosen the nut the secures the glass clamp; adjust the glass fore and aft to achieve the correct alignment (torque 7.5 Nm).

    Door Mirror Assembly - LH (Replace)

  9. Conduct a final operations check, torque the adjustment nuts, and install the plugs to the underside of the door.


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    Warning: Only technicians who have been trained in High Voltage Awareness are permitted to perform this procedure. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and insulating HV gloves with a minimum rating of class 00 (500V) must be worn any time a high voltage cable is handled. Refer

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