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Tesla Model S: Drive Unit - Rear - Large (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Rear Drive Unit / Drive Unit - Rear - Large (Remove and Replace)

Note: Loosen suspension fasteners by hand, then use a cordless electric drill with a 3/8 in drive adapter and an 3/8 in drive air ratchet wrench.


Remove the drive unit (refer to procedure).


Note: Perform the Installation section of 40012001, "Drive Unit - Rear - Large (Remove and Install)".

  1. Refill the gearbox fluid.
  2. Inspect any components to be reused for wear or damage before transferring them to the new drive unit. Replace any damaged components.
  3. Use Toolbox to reset the immobilizer.
  4. If using this procedure to replace the Performance drive unit, perform a break-in procedure. During this procedure, a "zinging" or "zipping" sound can be heard in the vehicle cabin near the drive unit area. Note: This procedure is not required for Base drive units.
    1. Ensure that the battery state of charge is 70% or higher.
    2. Accelerate from 0 mph to at least 30 mph (48 kph) at wide open throttle 2 to 6 times or until the zinging/zipping sound has disappeared. Warning: Be sure to comply with all local traffic safety laws and only perform such maneuvers in a suitable location such as a large empty parking lot or nonresidential side street with little to no traffic. Note: Do not deliver the vehicle to the customer until the sound is completely gone.


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