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Tesla Model S: Fixed Glass - Panoramic Roof Assembly (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Roof / Fixed Glass - Panoramic Roof Assembly (Remove and Replace)

Warning: To avoid personal injury, wear cut-resistant gloves when performing this operation.

Warning: To avoid personal injury, eye protection must be worn when performing this operation.

Note: Use Dow Betaseal Express or an equivalent fast-curing glass adhesive to perform this procedure.


  1. Protect external bodywork and internal trim adjacent to fixed glass.
  2. Place suitable covers over remaining paint and body work.
  3. Assemble sealant cutting tool and cut a hole in sealant.
  4. Carefully cut sealant securing glass to body and remove glass. Note installed position of any height or alignment setting blocks. Warning: Only use cleaning agents and solvents in a well-ventilated area. Caution: Take care not to damage component(s).
  5. Position glass on a suitable stand.
  6. Remove sealant from body and original glass if re-installing.
  1. Clean and polish glass.
  2. Attach suction handles (x2) to exterior surface of the glass.
  3. Apply primer as directed by the adhesive manufacturer. Note: Check the primer and adhesive packaging for the appropriate working times for each product. Prepare the necessary tools and the work environment so that the glass can be installed within the specified working times.
  4. Assemble sealant applicator.
  5. Apply sealant to roof opening. If height blocks or spacers were found during removal, install blocks to previously noted positions.
  6. With assistance position and align glass to body opening. Evenly and progressively press glass onto spacers.
  7. Apply suitable tape to secure the glazing while the adhesive cures. Warning: Do not drive the vehicle until the adhesive has cured. Refer to the adhesive packaging for the safe drive-away time.
  8. Remove suction cups.
  9. Examine the integrity of the whole length of sealant joint and add more if required.
  10. Clean off any excess sealant extruded from the joint.


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