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Tesla Model S: Latch - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Closures / Latch - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)


  1. Open liftgate and secure at working height.
  2. Remove liftgate trim (refer to procedure)
  3. Disconnect wiring harness connector.
  4. Remove screws (x2) securing liftgate latch assembly (torque 10 Nm).

    Latch - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)

  5. Release outer cable from abutment and disconnect inner cable from latch assembly.

    Latch - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)

  6. Remove latch assembly.
  1. Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following.  
  2. Power the cinch motor until the correct alignment is reached. Open liftgate and torque tighten bolts.


     Striker - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Open liftgate. Remove liftgate striker cover. Remove bolts (x2) securing striker to body (torque 10 Nm).

     Actuator - Cinching (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Open liftgate and secure at working height. Remove liftgate trim (refer to procedure) Remove screws x3 securing cinch motor to liftgate. Release harness clip, rotate the c

     Cable - Cinching (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove cinch actuator from liftgate (refer to procedure) Disconnect cinch cable from latch assembly. Remove cin


     Steering Column (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Ensure that the front road wheels are in a straight ahead position. Remove the driver's side lower dash trim (refer to procedure). Remove the steering controller module (refer to procedure). Disconnect the steering column motor harness connectors (x2).

     Trim - 'B' Post - Lower - LH (Remove and Install)

    Removal Power the seat forward to gain access to the 'B' post. Carefully release the leading edge of the rear rocker panel trim for access. Caution: Take care not to damage component(s). Carefully release the trailing edge of the front rocker pan

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