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Tesla Model S: Electrical system backup power is unavailable

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Owner's Manual / Consumer Information / Troubleshooting Alerts / Electrical system backup power is unavailable

Vehicle will consume more energy while idle

The backup power source for the electrical system, the low voltage battery, is not available or cannot provide the voltage required to support all vehicle features.

The primary source of electrical power, the high voltage battery system, will continue to support vehicle functions, even when your vehicle is idle. For more information on the high voltage battery, see About the High Voltage Battery.

You may notice that your vehicle consumes more energy than usual when you are not driving it, or that your vehicle displays a lower projected range than you would normally expect after charging. This is normal vehicle behavior when this alert is present, and it will continue until the backup power source is restored.

You may also notice that some nonessential features are not available. This is expected behavior due to your vehicle preserving energy for essential functions.

It is recommended that you limit or avoid the use of any nonessential features. This can help your vehicle maintain adequate electrical power for essential functions.

There is a chance that an issue affecting the primary power source could cause your vehicle to shut down unexpectedly.

It is recommended that you schedule service at your earliest opportunity, so the backup power source for the electrical system can be restored.


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