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Tesla Model S: Parameters

Autopark detects potential parking spaces based on the following parameters:

Perpendicular Parking

  • Your driving speed must be below 8 mph (13 km/h). If driving too fast, Autopark may not be able to accurately detect your desired parking space.
  • The parking space must be at least 7.2 feet (2.2 meters) wide.
  • The parking space must have at least three visible lines for the vehicle to park into, such as parking lines, road markings, or distinct curbs. Autopark may not work in a garage, for example, without three visible parking lines.
  • Autopark may not work with textured road surfaces such as cobblestone or brick.

Parallel Parking

  • Your driving speed must be below 13 mph (21 km/h). If driving too fast, Autopark may not be able to accurately detect your desired parking space.
  • There must be a vehicle in front of the space you want to park in.
  • A distinct curb or edge must be visible. Autopark may not correctly identify the parking space if the curb is not distinct, such as grass or dirt.

NOTE: Autopark does not operate on angled parking spaces.


     To Use Autopark

    When driving, follow these steps to allow Autopark to maneuver Model S into a parking space: 1. While driving slowly on a public road, monitor the instrument panel to determine when Autopark has de

     To Pause Parking

    To pause Autopark, press the brake pedal once. Model S stops and remains stopped until you touch Resume on the touchscreen. To Cancel Parking Autopark cancels the parking sequence when you manually


    NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with Summon, or the feature may not operate exactly as described.


     Sensor - Intrusion - Door - Front (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove door trim panel (refer to procedure) Remove screws (x2) securing impact sensor to door (torque 5 Nm). Disconnect sensor harness connection. Installation Installation procedure is the reverse

     Headliner - Panoramic Roof (Remove and Install)

    Note: This procedure does not remove the headliner from vehicle; the headliner remains inside the vehicle cabin supported by the tops of the seats. Removal Remove the LH A-pillar trim (refer to procedure). Remove the RH A-pillar trim. Release the LH upper B-pillar trim

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