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Tesla Model S: Using Track Mode

Track Mode is always disabled when you start Model S. To enable Track Mode for your current drive, shift into Park and follow these steps:

1. Touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Track Mode.

When enabled, TRACK displays on the instrument panel above the driving speed, and a Track Mode popup appears on the map. The instrument panel displays a color-coded image of your Model S that provides you with important at-a-glance status information about the Battery, the motors, and the brakes. See Monitoring Vehicle Health.

2. If desired, customize the Track Mode settings by touching Track Mode Settings on the Track Mode popup (see Customizing Track Mode). You can also access the Track Mode settings by touching Pedals & Steering > Driving, then touching Customize next to the Track Mode setting.

3. To use the Lap Timer, follow the onscreen instructions to drop a pin on the map to define the lap's start/ finish location. Then press START on the Lap Timer to begin your driving session. Once started, the Lap Timer starts counting when you drive Model S past the lap's start/finish location where you dropped the pin. See Using the Lap Timer.

4. Shift into gear and GO!

If you started the Lap Timer, each time you pass the start/finish location, the timer resets for the next lap. See Using the Lap Timer.

A real-time accelerometer (G-meter) appears on the instrument panel. See G-Meter.

When Track Mode is on:

  • Autopilot features are unavailable.
  • The Slip Start setting is overridden.
  • Energy usage increases.
  • Entertainment features are unavailable.

Use the touchscreen setting to turn Track Mode off at any time. Powering off Model S also turns off Track Mode (although it may still appear on the touchscreen if Post-Drive cooling is in progress). When Track Mode is off, all settings return to their previous state and all features return to their normal operating state.


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